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Committed activities in social media are now an integral part of any successful digital communication strategy. In order to make full use of the success of social media, the respective accounts have to be “fed” on a regular basis so that the user feels cared for and receive new and relevant information on a constant basis. This means time and work!

We take care of the creation and maintenance of your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Through regular posts (i.e. news, updates, etc.) we grab the attention of your fans and also give a stronger impulse to Google, which will be beneficial for the SEO efforts.

Facebook is now the most powerful social media tool with more than 2.4 billion users worldwide. What is interesting from a communication aspect, is that Facebook has multiple target criteria: by country/region, search, sex, age, interests, etc. The goal is diverse: creating awareness (branding), winning fans or increasing commitment; charged by clicks (CPC) or by impressions (CPM). We help you find the right online marketing strategy for Facebook.

It is also possible to advertise without a fan site in Facebook, because the visitors can either be directed to the company page or directly to the Website.

Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Xing are other important social media accounts, which offer the possibility to maintain a professional company page and if required inform customers about news and updated through weekly/monthly notifications. In Google My Business, we offer the opportunity to create a company profile to obtain a customer-oriented regional presence and communicate with your customers.

The company can display the right information at the right time, whether it’s a Google Maps approach, Google Search opening hours, or a phone number that visitors only need to tap to call your company via the mobile phone. Thus, the customer can be connected even more quickly. We will help you with the strategy.

Delivery process:

Strategy definition – defining of strategic target criteria, such as target group, geographical reach, (countries/regions/cities), detailed keyword analysis, segmentation of target market, budget recommendation, campaign structure, etc.

Campaign content in Facebook – manually creation of the individual campaigns contents, such ad texts, ad groups, etc.

Integration of further functionalities – integrating with Analytics, ad rotation, implementation of conversion tracking to track the efficiency of the campaigns, etc.

Continuous optimisation – biweekly update of all campaign content to increase performance and the ROI of the campaigns. In-depth data analysis and data management for strategic decision-making and performance strategy setting. Inclusion of new functionalities and enhancements.

Customer specific reporting – monthly detailed reporting with all campaign content affecting performance and efficiency.


Our service fees are independent of the selected PPC budget, putting us in a situation to best recommend a monthly PPC budget for each customer individually. We do not take a commission on the PPC budget and therefore are unbiased in its selection. In addition, any non-used PPC budget will be carried over to the next month.

Please contact us for an individual proposal.