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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation is the process of promoting Web pages or a Website on a search engine or a directory so that the most relevant sites or pages are displayed first in the search results (especially Google) for a particular keyword or keyword phrase query. The objective is to achieve a long-term top position for specific keyword variations in the unpaid search results such as in Google or Bing/Microsoft.

The scientific process involves studying the way search engines rank pages and then make the Web page “content optimised & search engine friendly.” Each engine computes this with a different formula or algorithm, such as Google with over 200 ranking criteria, which changes frequently.

Facts about Search on the Internet:

  • 85% of people online use search engines to find a Website.
  • 78% of Internet users do not search further than the 3rd results page.
  • More than 4 billion searches are being conducted each day through search engines.
  • Search engines and directories represent the first source of traffic to Web sites.
  • Google dominates the global search market with 80-90%, followed by Bing/Microsoft!

Search engines are still the most used tools online to find Websites on the Internet. Therefore, the Websites which are well placed, will also be found!

Delivery process:

1. Keyword Analysis

As a basis for the project optimisation, we will conduct a detailed keyword analysis, in which the most relevant keywords will be identified. The keyword analysis takes into account both generic keywords and specific terms. These terms are in addition combined with the physical location and the respective target markets. The keyword analysis is carried out with appropriate and specific tools.

Through our experience and through permanent examination of the latest country specific online searches (such as search behavior, search volume, competition analysis, etc.), we know which keyword combinations for which target regions are the most relevant.

2. On Page Optimisation

The top 2 search engine providers: Google and Microsoft/Bing are constantly optimising their search algorithms. The reason for this is that the search engines need to improve and develop. We deal with the current changes, respond to the reporting and traffic developments and with newly added contents are also optimised to expand subsequently the rankings further. In order to obtain the largest possible number of visitors, we focus specifically on the optimisation for Google. This work will focus on the optimisation of Meta Tags, Page Urls, Headers, Alt Texts, Images, Body Content, Site Maps, Code Validations, etc. We emphasise on in-depth data analysis and data management for strategic decision-making and performance strategy setting.

3. Manual Registration

In order to improve the quality of inbound links, the Website is registered manually to well-known and industry-specific search engines and directories. This will increase the link popularity (i.e. Page Rank) in Google. No software is used during this process, to avoid being penalised by Google for automatic indexation. This process takes about 2-3 months and the customer receives a detailed registration report after indexation.

4. Social Media Activity

In order to increase visibility and notoriety online in social networking, we will create a customised account for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. The objective is to increase link popularity and receiving targeted visitors arriving from additional sources. Weekly message postings in the major social media accounts will in addition support the activities of the registration process and boosts visibility.

5. Reporting / Follow-up

Before the beginning of the optimisation process, the customer will receive a current status report, which reflects the actual situation of the Website in search engine rankings using specific keywords. Detailed reports are generated each quarter, which should demonstrate the development and changes of positions. In addition Google Analytics reporting and customised data will be used in the analysing process. To ensure the quality of our work, all ranking reports are exclusively created manually and customised for each client, in order that the Website in not being penalised by Google for conducting too many searches. In addition we will provide continuous consultancy services by helping our customers find ways to further promote their Website.

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