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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (PPC: Pay-Per-Click) includes among other things the paid advertising places in the search results of search engines such as Google AdWords and Bing/Microsoft Ads, through which one can buy a top position for specific search terms.

Search engines Marketing with Search Engine Advertising (SEA) in parallel to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a very efficient way of online Marketing. Due to its fast implementation and achieving on accountable results, this form of advertising is especially efficient for specific time periods, target groups and quick results.

If a user places a search query in a search engine, the ads matching the keyword are displayed above or previously to the right of the organic search results. Billing is usually based on cost per visitor (CPC) model and means that you only pay if someone clicks on the ad. Impressions, which are the number of viewed ads, are free of charge. Ads can be in form of a text, image, app, animation or video.

Your advantages:

  • Higher number of “qualitative” visitors to your Website.
  • Faster achieving return on investment of your Website through worldwide traffic.
  • Position yourself above your regional and international competitors.
  • Take advantage of free Impressions of your domain to strengthen your brand image.
  • Implement your own marketing message to existing and new customers.
  • Precisely define your target market and most potential regions (keywords, language, country/region/city, age, interests, etc.).

Delivery Process:

Keyword & relevant analysis – detailed analysis about the existing site and the used search terms within the customer’s industry. The objective is to identify the most efficient keyword variations, to be included in the keyword lists and the text ads.

Competitor analysis – to identify which keywords (keyword grabbing) and which marketing messages the online competitors are communicating in Google and Bing/Microsoft.

Strategy setting – definition of target groups (B2C and B2B), geographical reach, goal setting for conversions, budget forecasts, segmentation of target market, campaign structure, etc.

Campaign content in Google AdWords & Bing/Microsoft – manual integration of all account content such as campaigns, ad groups, text ad variations, keyword lists, etc.

Integration further functionalities – opening or linking if Google Analytics, ad rotations, implementation of conversion tracking to measure the efficiency of each campaign, regional listings in My Business, enhanced site links and call-outs, etc.

Continuous optimisation – biweekly update of all campaign content to increase performance and the ROI of the campaigns. In-depth data analysis and data management for strategic decision-making and performance strategy setting. Inclusion of new functionalities and enhancements within Google AdWords and Bing/Microsoft.

Customer specific reporting – monthly reporting to Management, as well as detailed reporting with all campaign content affecting performance and efficiency.


Our service fees are independent of the selected PPC budget, putting us in a situation to best recommend a monthly PPC budget for each customer individually. We do not take a commission on the PPC budget and therefore are unbiased in its selection. In addition, any non-used PPC budget will be carried over to the next month.

Please contact us for an individual proposal.

As a Google Partner and certified Google AdWords, we are eligible to provide our customers with Google AdWords coupons for the first time of advertising. We are happy to apply these promotional codes to our new customers. Test now the online campaigns with Google AdWords for a short period time to get to know the many benefits of well targeted marketing.