Global Site Position

About Us

About Us

Since the incorporation of Global Site Position, we have helped several hundred customers worldwide to improve their digital processes, online presence and increase productivity. Through our flexible team, we can address the needs of small, medium and large companies.

The founder and CEO, Christopher Bennier, has been a pioneer in online optimisation strategies since more than 23 years with profound know-how and experience in diverse industry sectors worldwide.

We achieve our goals through customer-oriented consulting, internal research & strive to innovation and with a quality-oriented optimisation process. Based in the center of Europe and fluent in English, French and German language, we serve European and international markets.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to draw on our know-how in the field of digitalisation and digital transformation. Our objective is a lasting relationship with our customers, which is why our company policy is strongly geared towards customer satisfaction. The after-sales service is integrated directly into sales and allows us to provide rapid and customer-specific support. Our customers always have the same person as a contact, with the objective of maintaining a solid and trustworthy business relationship.

Global Site Position is a Google Certified Partner, member of WKO – ICT & Communication, Microsoft/Bing Ads Professional, Member of Google Large Advertiser Board and Ads Advisory Community, etc. and works in partnerships with many regional and international agencies.